Free Patterns — Claythorne Pattern

Jerry Stube, owner of Quilter's Quarters writes a monthly article for the Leavenworth Times. We will present each article here, and include the free pattern she includes in each article!

Former Coal Mining Area Inspires Quilters

Most people living in this part of the country know that hunting is one of our best local sports. This is one of the reasons so many men want to live and retire in Leavenworth. Sister-sports to hunting are skeet and sporting clay shooting. I have always known about hunting and skeet shooting, but until a couple of months ago, I knew nothing of sporting clays.

Now from my perspective, a sport that simply throws saucer-shaped clay disks in a simulated flight pattern is just men and women out shooting dishes! But being a good wife and wanting to be involved in my husband's life (heaven knows I have taken him to enough quilt shows), I accompanied him on a sporting clay shoot.

We went to a lovely place in a part of Kansas I had never visited. Columbus, KS is near Joplin, MO and Tulsa, OK. This is a heavy coal mining region and the scenery is rich. We were in a wooded area with a tremendous variety of greens, flowers of every color, a rich red-brown soil and everywhere, the underlying gray, coal color. The coal pits that have filled with water into lakes of the deepest blues and stocked with a large variety of fish for the sports minded are a delight to the senses.

This is where the quilter in me came out. The colors, sights, sounds and peacefulness of the region are a tribute to the residents after all that mining. I was enchanted with the wildlife that is so abundant. Everywhere I looked, I saw quiltblock possibilities. I sketched flower blossoms, song birds and rabbits for appliqués.

The layered earth on the exposed edges of the lakes reminded me of striped quilt fabrics. The Big Brutus steam shovel would make an adorable little boy's quilt and any quilter who loves greens would be in heaven.

My quilt block this month is in honor of the three-state region and our hosts, Freida and Sam Lancaster of Claythorne Lodge, with a sincere thank you for sharing their piece of Kansas with us.


Color 1 and 4 - medium gray
Color 2 - green print
Color 3 - medium blue print
Color 5 - medium brown print

Claythorne Block
click for printable pattern

You may vary the prints and use scraps. Use traditional paper-piecing method to construct the block as shown. To print block: place mouse on block, and click the right mouse button (right click on block). Choose "save picture as" and then choose the directory you wish to save block in, and give block a name. Then open the block using an image editor, or a program such as Microsoft Windows. Print the image. You can modify the size when you print. NOTE: Remember to add 1/4" to all outside edges of the block!

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